Neil D. Novello

Lecturer & Filmmaker 

"No Mutiny This Time"

This hour program is a combination lecture and video presentation about the circumstances and aftermath of the sinking of the tall ship, Bounty, during Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012.  

What started as an educational video about shipbuilding featuring a famous Hollywood dockside attraction and her captain became a tragic story about negligence. And explores the question - "What would I have done in this situation - follow the captain's decision or say no"? 

​Mr. Novello uses the official reports from the United States Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to provide the facts and his video essay, "Bounty & Her Captain", to provide context.

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"The Castle"

This one-hour lecture presentation discusses the 66-year history of Navy's maximum-security prison by using a combination of historical photos as well as extended video clips from the documentary anthology titled, The Castle: Stories of the Portsmouth Naval Prison.

The extended video clips cover three different time periods of the Naval prison's history: the end of World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War era, featuring interviews with Marines and Navy personnel who served at the Naval Prison.

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"A Life Remembered is a Life Honored"

Filmmaker, Neil Novello, presents an entertaining and informative lecture about what it takes to make a video family biography.

​​The one-hour presentation provides useful tips on organizing a biography with ideas for transferring your photos and home movies, software for editing, etc.  Mr. Novello shows his Family Bio video clips to illustrate the various stages of production. 

He shares his personal journey producing his mother's biography as well as other family productions around the country.

Topics for the video clips range from experiences growing up in the depression, World War II, as well as careers, raising a family and life lessons learned.

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