"The Castle"

Lecture & Video presentation about the history of the Portsmouth Naval Prison

This one-hour lecture / video presentation discusses the 66-year history of the Navy's maximum-security prison adjacent to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine by using a combination of historical photos as well as extended video clips from the documentary anthology titled, The Castle: Stories of the Portsmouth Naval Prison.

"No Mutiny This Time"

Lecture & Video presentation about sinking of the dockside attraction Bounty during Hurricane Sandy October of 2012

This hour program is a combination lecture and video presentation about the circumstances and aftermath of the sinking of the dockside attraction the tall ship, Bounty, during Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012.  

Featuring the video essay, Bounty & Her Captain, described as Part Testimonial, Part Shipbuilding, and Part Hollywood Ballyhoo.

"A Life Remembered is a Life Honored"

Lecture & Video Presentation about making Family Bios featuring family members talking about Depression Era and World War II

Filmmaker Neil Novello, presents an entertaining and informative lecture about what it takes to make a video family biography.

He begins his one-hour presentation with his personal journey producing his mother's biography as well as other family productions from around the country.

A Survivor's Story: Interview with Gerald C. McLees

Lecture & Video presentation about the sinking in 1939 of USS Squalus as told by one of the 33 survivors.

This presentation features the exclusive interview with Gerald C. McLees, United State Navy. Up until his death in December 2004, Gerald C. McLees (World War II veteran) was one of the last living survivors of the USS Squalus that sank on May 23,1939 during sea trials off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.   

Neil Novello's Filmmaking Samples




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​​The Castle: Stories of the Portsmouth Naval Prison

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Radio Interview with Neil Novello

Neil discusses his lecture about the Portsmouth Naval Prison called, "The Castle". Go here to see previews or purchase 2 Disc DVD. Here

Photo Book

Things of that nature

The photo book includes Preface and Introduction on the web page and each of the chapters is presented on separate PDFs.