This one-hour lecture presentation discusses the 66-year history of Navy's maximum-security prison by using a combination of historical photos as well as extended video clips from the documentary anthology titled, The Castle: Stories of the Portsmouth Naval Prison.

The extended video clips cover three different time periods of the Naval prison's history: the end of World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War era, featuring interviews with Marines and Navy personnel who served at the Naval Prison.

Mr. Novello's presentation features rarely seen footage from a 1971 Navy film about the prison. Also included is footage from the  National Archive showing captured German U-Boat crews escorted to the Naval prison. Plus, 90 year old silent movie footage where Naval prisoners and the prison were used as extras in a 1919 silent movie feature. The writer and producer of this silent was the Naval prison's only civilian commander, Thomas Mott Osborne, a former prison warden from New York.

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Neil Novello presented his Castle program here...on two occasions to capacity crowds each time.  On both occasions attendees were informed, entertained and fully satisfied with the experience."

Andy Richmond, Director  Rye Public Library

"Mr. Novello's presentation drew a record-setting crowd of 54 people and did not disappoint. The balance of video clips, still photos, and narrative kept everyone interested and informed."

Brianna Sullivan, Director Plaistow Public Library

Video Previews to "The Castle"

This is the preview to one of Neil Novello's documentaries about the Portsmouth Naval Prison aka The Castle.

Video Perview to "TMO @ The Castle"

This is the preview to the second documentary about the Portsmouth Naval Prison aka The Castle called, TMO @ The Castle about Thomas Mott Osborne the only civilian commander of the Naval Prison after World War I. Osborne brought controversy, reform and a movie crew as Commander of the Naval Prison.